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Our Sandbank is the single most important part of Dune Jewelry’s customization process.  We house sand from all over the world including The Maldives, Fiji, Iwo Jima, The Amalfi Coast, Cape Cod, The Sahara Desert and many, many more.  Every day we receive sand in the mail from our amazing customers and it’s just as exciting today as it was 7 years ago when I first started making beach sand jewelry.  You really never know what you’ll find.  Will it be dark volcanic sand that makes chic, black jewelry?  Will it be pink, shelly sand perfect for Dune Jewelry’s Spring line?  Every time I open a package it’s always something new.  Once in a while there are a few BIG surprises!  One time I was opening lake sand and a few ambitious beetle bugs had taken the journey to my kitchen table studio.  Another time the sand was still wet and there was one of those invisible sea fleas that I had to take back to the beach.  He must’ve been quite perplexed at how he went from warm, Miami Beach to the ice cold waters of White Horse Beach in Plymouth – but I didn’t know what else to do! 

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Our sand is the magical, driving force behind Dune.  The beauty it exudes and the energy it holds makes every day interesting.

sand-1We’re working on an entire Sandbank overhaul and will share photos once it’s re-organized.  We should soon have well over 3,000 sands from around the globe once we add all of the new from the end of last year.  Stay tuned for updates…


Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer