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This is my first holiday season with Dune Jewelry. I’ve worked in retail during the holidays where the goal is to sell, sell, sell! But before this I’d never been on the production side of Holiday gift giving. Before the season had started, my coworkers shared stories with me about past holidays seasons at Dune. These were funny stories, stressful stories, but ultimately stories of triumph. They assured me that if we all continued to work together as a team, this Holiday season at Dune would be fun, festive, busy and successful!

BANG_SF_SP4They were right! This holiday season at Dune Jewelry was crazy and busy, but it feels amazing to think about all the joy we brought our customers and all the holiday wishes that we made come true.

I think what got our team through this busy season was compassion and consideration for each other and our customers. Also food! Holly kept our little kitchen constantly stocked with food to keep the team energized, and my co workers were constantly bringing in baked goods, coffee and treats to help keep our spirits up.

It was a wonderful holiday season at Dune Jewelry and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.

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