Every business starts out small, but if you’re lucky, you start with a BIG idea.  Capturing memories into fashion forward designs was our BIG idea and without Holly Daniels Christensen, that  may have never come to fruition.  Every business also knows that you don’t get anywhere with out hard work and Holly, as CEO, mother and super hero has taken every challenge life has thrown at her and turned it into gold… or in our case, beautiful Beach Sand Jewelry. As if having such a strong role model and leader wasn’t enough, this week all the good that Holly has put into the world is coming back full force.


We are proud to announce Dune Jewelry has been named Massachusetts & New England’s Woman Owned Small Business of the Year by the Small Business Association of America.  This huge achievement represents a signal that Holly is doing a LOT right, that her dedication and sacrifice is serving as a beacon for other businesses. Her story gets to be shared by others outside the world of Dune in hopes of inspiring the world as much as she has inspired us.


One thing is very clear; this is just the tip of the iceberg for everyone at Dune Jewelry.  Where we take this BIG idea next? That one is up to you, but with Holly at the reigns, the possibilities are endless.



As we look to the future, we asked Holly what designs have meant the most to her.

I LOVE our traveler bracelet, it’s always been a wonderful palette to celebrate the experiences that have made me who I am today with a few dream locations for where I want to go” 

Here’s to the next great achievement for Dune and all the love for our fearless leader Holly!