I’ve always known Old Silver Beach as the place to be. Growing up, I waited all year for the week or two each summer that I could leave my hometown in central Maine to go to Cape Cod. I still find myself making trips to Old Silver to visit the spot where I sat each summer with my family.

It’s been, and will always be, a part of me.

Old Silver Beach in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod looks similar to many beaches on the Cape: a spit of sand along the road with a pay parking lot and a snack bar. Its sand is the classic flaxen-gold that epitomizes the area beaches. Each time I visit I feel that the sand begs me to take my shoes off and dig my feet into the under layer, where it turns from sun-kissed hot to cool and calming.

This beach seems to have the same draw for many others, too. Throngs of people from Cape Cod and thousands of miles away constantly fill the beach all summer. Couples sunbathe, children build sandcastles, and families scour the beach for hidden shells and rocks. Groups start up volleyball and Frisbee matches on the beach.

When I was growing up, a major treat was to run up to the snack bar at the top of the beach to get an ice cream. We didn’t go often, but I remember being coated in red popsicle and melted ice cream sandwich more than once. To this day seeing the stand brings back all of those memories.

As the beach day would wear on and the sun would start to set, my family and I would pack up and head back to Bourne for dinner. To this day, I stop off at the Whistle Stop Ice Cream Shop, Ben and Bills Chocolate Emporium, or the Somerset Creamery for ice cream. I find that locals and tourists alike share space at places such as Anejo and Grumpy’s Pub. On occasion, I head to the Highfield Theatre to take in a play as part of the thriving theater community on Cape Cod.

And of course, to keep Old Silver as close to me as possible I’ve filled a Dune Jewelry Starfish Charm Holder Necklace with sand from there so I can wear it close to my heart always.


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