For me, luxury is not defined as living extravagantly but is defined as living “free” – living without boundaries and constraints that might make someone with a spirited soul feel confined. Luxury is about traveling and creating memories that make you smile while you’re sitting at your desk on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. It’s about allowing yourself the freedom to dream and explore the world.

Dune luxury is the state of living well, living with expression, creating adventure wherever you go and being able to carry that luxury with you always. When I look in the mirror on any given day, I can vividly remember eating pizza in Italy because I’m wearing my bayview ring with sand from The Amalfi Coast.

I remember the day my husband insisted we take a walk on the beach at a charming B&B on Cape Cod, even though it was gray and foggy (I thought he was crazy in the moment) and then he knelt on one knee to ask me to marry him. I wear my charm necklace daily as a reminder.


I can clearly recall Alexa’s face during her first beach day.  We took her to Cook’s Brook Beach in Eastham and she fell asleep in our little beach tent. The water was super warm but SUPER seaweedy and we spent more time in the tent than in the water. I scooped a teaspoon of sand that day to add another charm to my collection and also to create Alexa a piece of jewelry for when she gets older.

These are the moments that Dune Jewelry allows you to capture and cherish forever.

Each piece of Dune is handmade and made-to-order so please allow enough time for delivery and remember each and every piece has a lifetime warranty so you can capture your experiences indefinitely.

Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer



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