Each and every piece of Dune Jewelry is handmade and made-to-order so I cannot say it enough times – if you want your Dune before December 24th – ORDER NOW!  We want lots of happy customers on Christmas Day and we can’t ensure that will happen unless we have plenty of time to create your custom, beach sand jewelry.  Sometimes the postal service, UPS and Fedex all have the best intentions but they run late and ruin our delivery times so my final message is order today if you can.

This year there is a lot of emphasis on custom and personalized jewelry.  For me, Dune Jewelry is the perfect custom gift because it literally holds a tangible reminder of amazing or cherished moments.  I recently have been wearing my charm holder necklace every single day and with every single outfit.  It works with everything!  Plus everywhere I go I receive compliments so it’s a total conversation piece.

holly-cowboyhatOn my necklace I wear charms from Onset, MA where Eric proposed to me, Nantasket, MA where we got married and Positano, Italy where we traveled for our honeymoon plus a turquoise charm from our upcoming Powerstones Collection to promote balance, health and wellness in my life.  Just looking at the charms transport me to happy places.

Dune Jewelry is completely customizable so create a travel bangle, wedding necklace, bucket list cuff bracelet.  Pair a bunch of Port O’ Call charms with square and classic Sandbeads for a cool, whimsical look or create a 3-5 square Sandbead cuff for something more geometric and balanced.  The designs are endless, the ideas are eternal so browse our website and take advantage.  If you need help with your creations you’re always welcome to email me personally ~ holly@dunejewelry.com

The world is yours.