I love walking in to the studio every morning and stopping to say hello to all of our sand artists. Usually each one of them is working on something so individually beautiful that I have to take a moment to see where the sand has come from. Most recently we had a customer send earth from the Appalachian Trail and although it was essentially dirt, the beauty of the piece once it was finished was breathtaking, especially knowing the story that went along with it.

Every Dune Jewelry piece is carefully handcrafted in our lofty studio. We treat each order with the utmost care and although we want to get it out to you quickly, we’re more interested in quality. Our jewelry has a lifetime warranty so if you ever receive a piece that isn’t quite what you expected, we will gladly replace it to make sure you’re happy enough to become a lifetime customer. When we say that each piece of Dune is “handmade with love & sandy hands”, that is the truth. We happily create jewelry every day to capture your most cherished memories so that you have a tangible reminder to wear always.



We’re starting to get extremely busy so if you want to check us off your “to do” list for the holidays, order now with a designated ship date in November or December. Take advantage of our complimentary gift wrapping (for the month of October) and rest easy knowing that your custom pieces are being created before the holiday chaos begins!


Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer