I was in a coffee shop about 4 weeks ago ordering the largest cup of Sumatra possible when a woman approached me to tell me that she loved my necklace.  I happened to be wearing my Natural Sandollar necklace with sand from Santorini Greece which is on my short list of places I REALLY want to explore.


I was so surprised and excited by her compliment and we struck up a conversation about where the necklace was from.  I explained that it was custom crafted by my company, Dune Jewelry and had sand from one of the hundreds of places that I want to travel to in my lifetime.  Her immediate reaction was, “Wow!  Can I get it with sand from Cabo San Lucas where my daughter got married?” – of course I said yes, and by the end of the conversation she had jumped on her phone, found Dune Jewelry on Instagram and Facebook, then liked BOTH pages.  It was the BEST way to start my day!  She also said something that was even better than saying she liked my necklace, she said “I can’t WAIT to tell my family about this”.


Her statement in that moment was an “aha” moment for me.  I began to think about how our community has grown over the past 6 years due to word-of-mouth and enthusiastic (amazing) customers and I thought that it was time we rewarded everyone who has been sharing and talking about the Dune brand and culture.


I’m so excited to announce that we now have a Dune Jewelry refer-a-friend program that will allow you to share Dune with everyone you know, offer them a discount on their first purchase and earn your own Dune discounts.  Over the years Dune has become a family for me.  I’ve made so many long lasting friends along the way.  I’ve had the privilege of hearing hundreds of strikingly sentimental sand stories and this new program is simply a small way to say thank you.


Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer