From our studio in Boston, to the funky and fun waters of Jacksonville Beach, to the enchanting Sea Pines and Spanish Moss on Hilton Head, to the ferry taking me to the beaches of the Outer Banks where wild horses roam; the best thing about the Trunk Show Tour has been meeting people like YOU.


When I introduce the concept of Dune to people at our Trunk Shows, they say “It must be hard, traveling to all those beaches and collecting sand for a living – I wish that was my job!” The Dune Community is filled with some amazing adventurers who have given us sand and shared their stories from sailing alongside Richard Branson’s boat in the Caribbean, to trekking trough the South Pole to dig up snow and collect volcanic rock from Antarctica. Dune is about living for that moment, and proudly incorporating the places and memories that are important to you in a fashionable way.


Every now and then, I am gifted with sand at our shows. Jill at Beach Love Boutique gave me a challenge as she had a rock from the great lake in Michigan where she grew up. She brought me a hammer and a chisel to see if we could break up small enough pieces to fit inside her Teardrop Bangle. Unfortunately, my strength couldn’t beat the rock, so she’s asking a friend to collect her some beach sand.


We met Kelsey at dragonflies in Wilmington. Her mom pulled her over to the table to show her our pieces and Sandbank. Kelsey had just moved back to the continental states after living on the Big Island for 5 years. She’s marrying her husband, a native Hawaiian, and they were impressed at the specific and not-well known beach sands we had in our Sand Bank. They decided on Hapuna Beach and are making their bridesmaids Round Sand Jewel Necklaces to celebrate where the couple met.




It’s been an incredible journey, traveling up the East Coast, and it will be bittersweet to get back to Boston. Thank you to all of the stores that have hosted a Dune Trunk Show and have shown this Yankee what Southern Hospitality is all about. My Rose Gold Watch has been like my compass, pointing North to Massachusetts and filled with sand from my #Home.