New Years resolutions have always been tricky things. They’re a chance for us to start fresh, to tackle a new project or to envision a new goal for the upcoming year. Sometimes New Years resolutions are forgotten the hour that you make them, and sometimes resolutions can take on a live of their own and become total life style changes, new businesses, or big ideas. I’m excited by the energy of the changing year and I’m looking forward to making many positive changes in 2016.

I feel a similar energy in the Dune studio now that it’s 2016. The holidays were crazy and wonderful and the team banded together to make holiday memories and miracles happen. Now Dune is looking forward to 2016 refreshed and ready to make changes, tackle new things, and to meet challenges head on. There’s been so much talk about what we hope to accomplish in this upcoming year, and I truly feel that the team at Dune Jewelry will keep their New Years resolutions. Dune Jewelry did so much growing in 2015 and now everyone is envisioning how big 2016 will be. We’re looking forward to new faces, new sands and new jewelry in 2016, and were hoping to have even more customers to share the memories with.


I loved spending 2015 as a Sandartist at Dune Jewelry and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store.

Here are some of the hopes and dreams of the Dune Jewelry team for 2016:

  • Lauren: “My New Years resolution is always to travel more and thankfully through Dune Jewelry I get to travel the country and share in our community’s personal experiences.”
  • Sandy: “I hope to spending 2016 taking care of my wellness and to engage in more performance based activities. And I hope to start ice skating again!”
  • Danielle: “I hope to find a pair of sunglasses that I really like, and it’s my goal to not lose or break them within two months.”
  • Dustin: “In 2016 I want to build a stronger connection to our customers and give them an even better experience. I’m excited to listen to what our customers have to say and to share their stories.”