I’m a busy, travel loving Mom with a whole LOT of responsibility.  Dune Jewelry was my first “baby” and now has over 20 team members throughout the country.  Since launching Dune I’ve also added two more babies to the mix – Alexa & Lyla – and over the years I’ve learned to prioritize and make sure Dune and home are running smoothly.  Whether it’s cooking our week’s meals on Sunday night or staying late twice a month to “catch up”, I’ve finally come to the realization that nothing is more important than taking time for yourself to recharge.

Recently we traveled to St. Thomas which was the best trip I’ve taken in years.  Travel and rest are deeply important for your soul and I’ve decided I must do more of it now that the girls are getting older.  Waking up in the Caribbean with turquoise water outside my door, being able to leisurely make coffee and breakfast for my family was absolute heaven.  We rented a boat for a full day of snorkeling around St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John.  Captain Alex took us to all the “secret spots” including where Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger were married (for a hot second).  It’s amazing how magical the world under the sea is.  We snorkeled through a shipwreck and swam with turtles, Alexa asking me “where does Ariel live”.   I immediately wanted to explain that mermaids weren’t real, but then thought better of it.  Alexa would NOT like that answer.

All in all, the week was magical and I’m feeling refreshed and inspired.  I brought a ton of Dune Jewelry to wear throughout the trip, but in true “busy Mom” fashion, I ended up wearing my petite Sandbar earrings, new Triple Sandglobe Cuff and our soon to be launched, rose gold watch EVERY day!  My need to be fashionably creative was usurped by the beauty surrounding me so I wore what was easy, comfortable and pretty.  I hope you enjoy these photos from our adventures.


 Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer

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