January has always been one of my favorite months with – New Years, magical snow, chilly weather and long nights! The start of January brings a new year, as well as new ideas and opportunities. I always feel creative this time of year – I am inspired to write, create beautiful pieces of jewelry, and take on new creative projects. Being able to start a new year and look out at all the time ahead of you feels like such a gift.


I feel the new energy at Dune Jewelry this January! This month we are looking ahead to the rest of the year and what it will bring us. Last year in 2015, Dune Jewelry hand filled over 85,000 pieces of jewelry in our Hyde Park Studio! I’m excited to see how many pieces filled with memories we will create this year. This month Dune Jewelry will be launching some gorgeous new designs to grow our jewelry line & also expanding our Dune team! We’re taking this time to look ahead, make plans, and set goals. I can’t wait to see what Dune Jewelry accomplishes in 2016.

In the studio, I have been making jewelry along with my fellow Sand Artists for Dune’s upcoming Florida trunk shows & trade shows in Atlanta, & NYC!  We are busy our retailers have all the jewelry they need to replenish their Dune after the holidays. We’re all looking forward to new designs, new challenges, and of course our next holiday, Valentine’s Day!

2015 was an amazing year for Dune Jewelry and we can’t wait to see what is ahead of us in 2016.