20150926_150530-applepickingfamWe’re only 56 short days away from Thanksgiving.  Can you believe it?  Last week I got to dust off my favorite boots and wear an all-black outfit…and I didn’t even feel guilty about it…yay!

20150926_125532-ponyThis time of year is jam packed with so much to do.  We recently celebrated Dune’s 5 year anniversary, my birthday and Lyla’s birthday.  We’ve been apple picking, visiting all of the local farms, feeding lots of goats and Alexa finally took her first real pony ride.  Every year up until now she would psych us out, making us buy numerous pony ride tickets and then she would lose it when I’d walk her up to the actual pony.  Apparently they don’t look as big as they really are when you’re looking from behind the stable fence.  Thanks to her obsession with Toy Story 2, this year she jumped right on to her pony name Chicklet and yelled  “yeeee-haawwwww!”, it was definitely a moment to remember.

20150926_155605-eeyoreEven though I love this time of year, there’s always a little sadness saying goodbye to summer in New England because you never know what winter will bring.  I’m hoping we have a fairly mild winter with just enough snowfall for some really great sledding with the girls and a few slowly melting snowmen in our back yard.  I know, I know, how can I be talking about snow already?  Well, the holidays are coming and before you know it you’ll being scrambling for holidays gifts which brings me to my final thought for this week.  If you’re thinking about buying Dune for the holidays and you want it custom made with your most cherished, sandy memories…order soon!  We get crazy with holiday orders (which is a great thing) and we want to make sure we’re able to accommodate all of our customers – so the sooner you order, the better off we will all be.  I can’t wait to hear happy stories about memorable gift giving this season.  I hope you’ll choose Dune to capture your favorite moments of 2015 and beyond.

With love & sandy hands…