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Matte Finish, Sandbar™Earrings

More and more lately you’ll notice us refer to designs as “matte designs” or “gloss designs” and for those of you who haven’t followed me or Dune since 2007-ish, it probably doesn’t make any sense.  When I first started experimenting with beach sand and sterling silver I formulated my own inlay process over a 3 year period of time.  There were a lot of learning curves but eventually I finalized the process and officially began marketing Dune Jewelry.  These are our “matte” pieces.  They consist of our Island Collection, Sandbar™ Collection, Men’s round cuff links and our sterling silver key chain.  The result of this process is a flat, almost “fused” aesthetic where the sand and the silver are completely in sync with one another.  The sand is nestled into the silver and larger grains of sand and shell are broken open and revealed by the process.  We’ve even found baby starfish fossils in some of our pieces using this technique because we’ve sanded down a large grain of sand and uncovered what’s inside.  This process is always more surprising than the gloss technique because you don’t see the end result until the sand is set, cured, sanded and polished sometimes resulting in an almost mosaic design or finish.


Gloss Finish, Traveler’s Bracelet 7 Sands

Our gloss method is much more foreseeable.  We create layers of sand and resin and can pick out certain colors and textures with a toothpick to place them in beautiful arrangements.  This is a wonderfully artistic process that creates more of a shiny, gem-like or glass-like finish.  One thing to note is that this process can make your sand look significantly darker if it is mostly quartz based like New Jersey or the West Coast of Florida.  Some of our most popular gloss designs are the Sandglobe necklace, Bangle Collection and Bayview ring.  When you look closely at all of our photography you should see a distinct difference between the two methods.  I hope this information is helpful when you’re choosing your next piece of Dune Jewelry or gift giving.


With Love & Sandy Hands,