Growing up in Bedford, MA – I absolutely loved the beach. I even knew at a young age that I always wanted to go to school somewhere close to the shore so that it never felt like I had to leave vacation. I am now a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, which is just the perfect mix of beach scene and college life for me. I have so many memories with my friends spending our nights camping out on Carolina Beach, or taking breaks in between classes to relax and get soak up some sun. Even though I love school and North Carolina, I will always be a Boston girl at heart.

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Although I am new to the Dune marketing team, I have already learned so much during my internship with Dune Jewelry. Working everyday with colleagues that motivate, inspire and challenge each other, I see that they continuously push each other to be their best every day at work. Holly and the entire team have been so welcoming to me throughout these past three weeks, making me feel like Dune is my home away from home.


meetteamOne of the most impactful parts of Dune, is seeing the emotional connections Dune Jewelry has with our customers. I never thought I could be so touched byΒ stories about sand, but I soon realized after my first day of work it is so much more than just sand. It is the moment you look into your husband’s eyes on your honeymoon in Hawaii, remembering the beach town that you grew up in and the place that shaped you, the vacation that you spent nights walking the length of the beach with your family hand in hand. Dune Jewelry has taught me how to give people the chance to take these moments with them forever.

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I feel so fortunate to learn and relate to our customers through interactions on social media. Sharing their memories and personal connections with their sand creates such a unique connection between the company and our customers. Nothing excites us more than interacting with the people who believe in Dune and have made this company into the growing success story that it is.

– Michele