I recently started working for Dune Jewelry in late July of 2015 and my time so far has been a great experience. Everyone has been very friendly, super helpful and have accepted me into The Dune Family like I have been working here forever.

meettheteam-johnUpon being hired I started work on the production side of the company, crafting the many beautiful pieces sold at Dune; getting to work with the vast amount of unique sands from around the world and learning how to manipulate them into the jewelry. My favorite part a side from producing the jewelry was seeing the notes the customers send in explaining their order. Whether it be a simple present from their vacation; to a ornate necklace filled with sand from the customers’ engagement, wedding and birthplace. Seeing these stories have put into perspective that it is not just jewelry one is buying from our company but tangible memories that they can have with them forever. Not to mention a great conversation starter as well!

I have fond memories of Old Silver Beach on Cape Cod, spending time with my family. I intend to make a lasting memory for myself in the near future.  I also want to make things for my friends and family. As to what piece of jewelry I will choose I haven’t narrowed it down yet. There are so many possibilities to choose from!

Most recently I started learning the quality control and packaging side of the company and I have to say it’s been a lot of help knowing both sides. I know all the hand crafted pieces going out are up to company standard and that the person receiving their own unique piece will be completely satisfied.

I look forward to what the future holds for Dune Jewelry and myself and I’m glad to be surrounded by other very talented people to share that experience with.

John Green is a Sand Artist™ & Packaging Specialist at Dune Jewelry. He has a B.S in Media Arts and Animation, enjoys walks with his dog Butters and going out with his friends to new places. He looks forward to the future with his time at Dune.