DustinAs we enter into our 5th year I am so proud of what we have accomplished here at Dune.  We’ve built a large community of awesome customers, evolved from a tiny core team in my basement to a professional staff of more than 20 and have double the size of our studio space.

As a business owner, every single day is a learning experience.  My brain bounces back and forth frenetically between thinking of how to create Alexa and Lyla’s Halloween costumes, what’s for dinner, how to market our newest design, whether or not I let the dog out this morning and how to bring a new concept to life.  To be a working Mom is a roller coaster ride that I love.  My girls get to see Mom being a boss which will encourage them to live their life and make it what they want it to be.  I hope to create a reality for them where the sky is the limit and they can accomplish anything.

Tonight I’ve been asked to present Dune Jewelry at the Women’s Enterprise Initiative in Newton, MA.  WEI is an excellent venue for women entrepreneurs, at any point in their business venture, to learn from their peers how to grow their business and find the support they need to manage this growth.  I’ll be working through a power point presentation and speaking for about 15 minutes to a panel of experts, then I’m taking questions from the audience.  This is terrifying for me!  I’m scared of public speaking and it makes me sweat just sitting here at my computer thinking about it.  BUT, this is the real reason I accepted the offer.  I know that I need to continue to grow as a professional and as a business owner so I can propel Dune Jewelry forward.  Doing scary things and accepting challenges is part of this growth.  The advice, opinions and ideas that people come up with after learning about Dune are usually very unique and creative so I’m excited to hear what the panelists and audience has to say.  It makes me proud that they have chosen to invite Dune to participate and present our story.

If you’re in the area tonight come say hello!  I’ll be at the Druker Auditorium, Newton Free Library, 330 Homer Street in Newton, MA – 6:30pm.

With love & sandy hands…