IMG_0287This past week the temperatures have dropped and it’s been overcast and raining. I love sitting inside and watching the rain while sipping a hot cup of coffee and wearing a cozy sweater. With the change in seasons, I’ve had even more opportunity to test out my new fall wardrobe. So far, I’ve been having way too much fun matching my new pieces with my older pieces to create outfits I didn’t even know I had. For me, this fall has been all about comfort and adding pieces to my collection that I’ll be able to wear for a long time. I love trends as much as the next girl, but this season my intuition has told me to stick to the classics. Β I’ve been feeling extra cozy with my style this season, which is why when it got rainy and cold last week I was surprised to find there was a big thing I forgot to add to my fall fashion. I didn’t have a lightweight, yet warm fall jacket!

I’ve always kind of hated shopping, but I love having new clothes. Going to the stores and trying things on has always been a struggle for me. Things won’t fit, the colors will be all wrong, or I’ll realize what I’m trying on isn’t going to work with the rest of my wardrobe. Sometimes it’s seems almost impossible to find exactly what I’ve been picturing in my head, or to remember where I saw the piece I want in the first place. I also commonly suffer from shoppers remorse. Shopping can be fun, but it can also be fraught with difficulties.

But after dragging my poor boyfriend around the mall for a few hours, I finally found my perfect jacket! It’s one of those items that goes with everything I have and that I know I’ll be wearing for many years. It’s such a relief to find that piece that you’ve been missing! I’m looking forward to all the cold weather now, so that I can look cute and fashionable while also staying warm.


After finding the perfect fall jacket, I then wanted to find a new Dune necklace that was beautiful and classic as well. I wanted a necklace that I could wear during these colder, rainier days, and that would look lovely with jackets or sweaters. After a lot of thought, I chose the Dune Jewelry Sandbar Necklace with sand from The Hamptons. I love the clean lines and simplicity of this necklace and how it compliments any neckline I might want to wear this season. And most importantly, it looked great on my outing to the park with Natasha to catch a little sunshine and to look at the newly changed leaves.

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