I am lucky enough to have a brother who worked  his butt off in college and made something of himself.  He is obviously the one my parents love the most!  😉  I am happy to reap the rewards of his hard work.  He has become a world-traveler with the US State Department and is living two-years at a time, all over the world.  And where he goes…we go!  Recently las-cardonashe was living in the Nicaragua capital as the Undersecretary to the US Ambassador to Nicaragua.  My family and I went to go visit him at his casa in Managua.

A relatively short and painful plane ride took us to another world. I have never seen a place so different than what I know.  We were staying in a mansion with more rooms than I could count, numerous bathrooms, a fantastic pool and guards at every entrance to be sure we didn’t have to be bothered by “reality”.  We lived it up with the most amazing food, sights and weather!

nica-waterWe took a trip through the more remote villages to see a volcano and some lakes, and I was in shock at the conditions we saw families living in. Many “poor people” in the U.S. have big screen televisions and more Food Stamps then they can spend in a month. There, I saw dirt shacks that housed entire families.  The children had no shoes and wore the same clothing every day.  Food was so scarce, and an education was anica-kids luxury no one could afford.  But I heard music everywhere and I saw smiles on so many faces!  It just reminded me that we have so much here in this country, but most of it is unnecessary.  Happiness can be attained with so much less.  If we were able to spread around some of our extreme excess, it would make such a difference in the lives of others around the world.


This blog post was written by our Dune Jewelry July Blog Contest winner, Liz Carroll.  She won a Dune Jewelry Sandbead!