IMG_0254As the sun starts to set earlier and the days get cooler, I’ve been taking the time to categorize all my clothing, jackets, shoes and accessories. As a former Minnesotan, I like to be totally prepared for the cold weather! This past weekend, I gave myself the project of taking everything out of my closet and my dresser, laying it all before me, and going through it. I found a lot to donate, discovered what new pieces I need to shop for, as well as rediscovered some pieces that I haven’t given enough love. I also took this time to put all my summer stuff into a set of drawers deep in the back of my closet and bring all my cold weather clothing out into the light. My closet is now full of chunky knit sweaters, soft flannels and wine-colored dresses. I’ve lined up all my pairs of boots, and my scarves are ready and waiting, arranged by color.

IMG_0253As I was sorting through all my clothing, I was happy to reminisce with the sweaters and long sleeved shirts I hadn’t seen in months. I remembered the boots I was wearing when I went apple picking last year with my best friends, the dress I wore on my anniversary with Alex, and the necklace I wore when I visited my family in Minnesota. After everything was put away and I had a good idea of all the outfits I was going to put together in the next few months, I felt prepared to enter the new season.

IMG_0250The hardest part of preparing for the changing season was sorting was going through all my jewelry and accessories. I looked through the pearls that my grandmother gave me, the brightly colored beaded necklaces, as well as my collection of Dune Jewelry. While I was cleaning and sorting, I kept finding myself drawn to my yellow gold pieces. As I was arranging my clothes and thinking about possible outfit combinations, I kept matching my fall fashions to two of my favorite Dune pieces: My Gold Overlay Sandglobe Necklace and my Gold Inlet Cuff. Both pieces are filled with a black sand flecked with pieces of silver mica from Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester MA.

I pulled the Gold Overlay Sandglobe Necklace and the Gold Inlet Cuff from my jewelry box, and set them on the silver tray on top of my dresser where I put the pieces I plan to wear often. I’m happy to have these pieces readily at hand to pair with my fall fashions, and I can’t wait for the leaves to change and the snow to fall and to make new memories throughout the season!

What Dune Jewelry pieces will you pair with your fall outfits? Share with us on Instagram!

Inlet Cuff – Gold