I love working at Dune Jewelry. One of the best parts of my job is getting to spend so much time with my talented and hard working coworkers! Everyone at Dune is a constant inspiration to me. We laugh, we share, and we get to know each other during the eight hours we spend together everyday. Some of my favorite Dune memories are the funny things coworkers have said while we’ve been having lunch together, or the meaningful things they’ve said to me when things feel crazy or stressful.

One thing that I appreciate about my coworkers is their sense of style. My desk is by the door of the studio and I like to come to work early, so every morning I’m treated to a mini fashion show as I get to see my coworkers arrive with their individual styles on display. Every single person at Dune has their own unique sense of fashion and I love seeing how they put together outfits and match their accessories.

mekahMy desk in the studio is right next to Mekah’s desk, so we end up sharing a lot of stories and style tips. When Mekah comes in in the morning and sits besides me, I’m often left in awe by how she combines colors and textures. Like me, Mekah loves yellow gold, but she loves it for its vibrant colors and how it brings out the warm tones in the sand of our Dune jewelry pieces. Mekah and I met up for brunch last week and I was impressed by how she combined a floppy purple statement hat with a cream colored sweater and two Gold Overlay Stacker Rings.


Becca is our studio manager and her style is classic with a hint of sparkle. I love when Becca comes over to check in with me and see what pieces I’m making. It gives us a chance to chat and for me to admire her outfits. Becca is really great at finding pieces that compliment her body and that have a little “surprise” to them. Sometimes it’ll be sparkles on the back pockets of her jeans, or open embroidery on the back of a shirt. Becca wears a lot of silver and I love how she stacks her Sandbead bracelets to create an individual look.

lauren-sandjewel Lauren is our events coordinator and is one of the funniest people I know. Her style is bold and trendy and I love seeing how she puts her outfits together. Whenever Lauren comes over to visit me, there’s always something to compliment. Last week, I caught her layering Sand Jewel Necklaces with a black and white slouchy sweater and black cat-eye eyeliner.

I work with some of the most stylish and wonderful people here at Dune, and I love being able to spend everyday with them doing what we love!

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