IMG_0204 copyThis past weekend, Alex and I went out to dinner with our best friends, Derek and Sinead. We decided to go on a fancy double date at a nice restaurant downtown. Sinead and I wanted our nice summer dresses and sandals to make their final appearance, as well as an excuse to get our men to wear handsome shirts and ties.

For a lot of young people who’ve relocated to big cities, your urban family (the friends you make when your family lives far away), becomes so important. In the last five years I’ve lived in Boston, I have relied on my urban family for so much and they’ve always been there for me no matter what I needed. I couldn’t make it here without them. So, I was happy this weekend to be able to spend some time with them and show them a little love with Dune Jewelry!

I met Derek when I first moved to Boston and we found ourselves working at Starbucks together. We quickly became good friends while suffering through mid afternoon coffee rushes and espresso machine breakdowns together. He then introduced me to his girlfriend, Sinead, who became my best friend and all time favorite person in the world. The two of them then introduced me to their good friend Alex, my now boyfriend. This group of people has become so important to me, and I can’t imagine going a week without seeing them. So for our special double date together, I wanted to make sure the boys looked as good as Sinead and I did!

IMG_0213 copy

People always ask me what Dune Jewelry has to offer as far as men’s styles, and I eagerly tell them that we have something for everyone! Dune is great for men as well as women, and I was happy to show this to the boys as I styled them with Dune pieces for our date night.

Since I’ve known Derek he’s been a poet, a musician, and a fellow artist. His creativity and individuality is inspiring and I’ve always appreciated him for the quirky individual he is. Derek is a dark jeans and casual shirt kind of man, so for him I chose a Dune Belt Buckle, a Tie Bar, and Square Cufflinks. I thought these pieces complimented his style while also making him look handsome and put together. For the Belt Buckle, I chose Cape Cod sand because Derek has been spending summers with his parents onΒ the Cape since he has little. For the Tie Bar, I chose sand from Italy because he’s been talking about traveling there for as long as I’ve known him. For the Square Cufflinks, I chose sand from a place in Maine where we all spent a weekend together last year for a dear friends wedding.

Alex has a simple, preppy style. He has that classic, clean cut look and has worn the same styles since he was old enough to dress himself. For the classic guy, I chose a Dune Tie Bar and Anchor Cufflinks. I chose Florida sand for the Tie Bar because of a memorable trip he took there for his brother’s bachelor party in which he was the best man. I chose Connecticut sand for his Anchor Cufflinks because that’s where he grew up, and where he spends summers at his parents beach cottage.