I can’t believe our watch is here!  For 3 years I’ve wanted to bring this design to fruition and now it’s available for you to order.  You can customize our rose gold watch with sand from your favorite ballpark, beach or golf course AND have it engraved on the back with initials, a special date or anything that helps to capture your favorite memories.  This is such an important design because not only are watches useful but they’re cool, beautiful and perfect to wear & express your personal style every day.


The first actual wristwatch was created in 1923 by a British pocket watch repairer named John Harwood (pocket watches were created long before then).  Over time, watches have evolved from a utilitarian “must-have” to an accessory that conveys fashion and status at the highest level.  Some well known celebrity watch collectors include Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and Kanye West who has been rumored to have spent over $150,000 on one watch.  Luckily our watch is a little more affordable and more precious if you ask me.  Order today for yourself or someone special in your life and if you don’t have a favorite sand, order from somewhere you’d love to go someday – Fiji, Aruba, Tortola or Dubai.  We stock sand from thousands locations around the globe for you to choose from.  I hope you love this design as much as I do!


Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer

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