When I first launched Dune Jewelry I was certain that our peak season would be in the summertime when many people are traveling and making lots of beach memories.  We have almost 500 coastal boutiques and jewelry stores that carry Dune and it’s the perfect keepsake to wear home with you from vacation, hence our mantra “live for the moment, then take it with you”.  Surprisingly over the past five years, Christmas and Hanukkah have become even busier than the summer season.  Everyone at the studio is working overtime to make sure we get your custom crafted orders out in time for the holidays.

creative2Each and every time you place an order, our team actually heads to our Sandbank to pull your specific sand, then they pull the jewelry findings needed to create your piece – then it’s time to sit down and craft your order which can take a few days depending on the design.  I like to talk about this process because it’s so unique compared to any other jewelry company that I know of and this is why it takes 2-4 weeks to receive your Dune Jewelry.


Say it with Sand this holiday season by giving the gift of Dune.  Our last day for guaranteed delivery is approaching fast so get your orders in soon and if for some reason you don’t make if for December, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.