IMG_0183On Friday, September 11, my parents will have been married for 33 years. 33 years is kind of hard for my twenty-something brain to fathom. Recently, when I called my mom and asked to be reminded of how many years it’d been, she told me and then asked, “can you believe it?”

My parents met in Boston while they were both attending Boston College. She was a psychology major and he was a communications major. They were married when they were 21 and had me when they were 26. I think back to myself at 21 and 26 and remember how young I felt and wonder to myself, how did they do it? My mother will laugh when I ask and just say it was a different time back then, but I’m not so sure about that. When I asked my mother for her sage marriage wisdom, she told me that the most important part of a long marriage is being able to laugh together.

IMG_0178 For their upcoming anniversary, I’d been working with my father to come up with the perfect gift for my mother, something that could represent their life together. I showed my dad all the wonderful pieces Dune Jewelry makes on the Dune Jewelry website, and asked him to pick a piece for mom. He picked the Sandrop Necklace. My mother has always had a simple, classic style, so I knew the simplicity and the easy oval shape of the Sandrop Necklace would suit her and compliment pieces and outfits she already has. Then my Dad had to figure out what sand he wanted me to make her necklace with. Having lived most of their lives in Minnesota, my parents aren’t frequent beach goers, but they do love walking around lakes and visiting rivers. But then while my Dad and I were talking about their anniversary, I asked about where they spent their honeymoon. That’s when we discovered the perfect sand for my mother’s anniversary Sandrop Necklace.

IMG_0182After they were married, my parents spent their honeymoon at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui on Kaanapali Beach. Since that first trip, my parents have celebrated their anniversaries there over the years, coming back with tans and new memories they can add to the old ones. I realized what a special place Hawaii has become for my parents, and was excited to find that the Kaanapali Beach sand was already in the sand bank. Kaanapali Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii and I remember always feeling just a little bit jealous looking at the gorgeous pictures they’d return with from their time spent in Hawaii.

IMG_0179 I was able to make my mothers special anniversary necklace, send it over to the packaging team who packaged it beautifully, and ship it to my parents just in time for their anniversary. My dad let my mom open it a few days early because she was too excited to wait to see what was inside the Dune Jewelry box. My father says she put the necklace on right out of the box, and that it perfectly matched what she was wearing. She loved that it was made with sand from their honeymoon beach, and felt that the necklace was an even more special memento of their 33 year anniversary because of the sentimental sand it was made with.

Dune Jewelry was a perfect way for my parents to celebrate their 33 year anniversary and I hope that Dune and I will be able to help them celebrate other important milestones in the future.

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