DuneTeamThis September, Dune Jewelry will be celebrating its five year anniversary. It’s amazing to see how far this company has come in just a few short years, and we couldn’t be more proud of all we’ve accomplished. Dune Jewelry started in Holly’s basement with just four people, and has grown into a company with 20 employees located in a beautiful studio space. For me, being a part of the Dune Jewelry team has been a wonderful experience and I’m so happy to wake up every morning and go to work. Dune Jewelry is an amazing place! We have a fantastic team here at Dune that makes this work environment a joy to be in. I’m constantly inspired by working alongside such talented, professional, and hardworking people.

Studio-bw2011What makes the team at Dune so special is that we have a group of people with a variety of skills and educational backgrounds, with everyone having something significant to contribute. For instance, we have Chris who has a BA in Photography who uses her eye for detail in our packaging department and also photographs jewelry beautifully. We also have Andrea who has a Masters in Opera Performance and uses her theatrical talents as a Sand Artist™ as well as to engage with customers at events and trunk shows. We have people with backgrounds in art, graphic design, theatre, fashion, marketing, journalism, and other creative and artistic fields. All of these artistic professionals are excited to get to use their exceptional talents to help the company grow.

Another great thing about working at Dune is the passion that resonates through every part of the company. The compassion and care that we show our customers starts here in the studio with the kindness and consideration that everyone on the team shows each other. At Dune, we have a compliment box that employees fill with compliments for their coworkers that we read to each other once a month. The studio is always filled with chocolate from John or Erica, gluten free brownies baked by Chris, or bagels from Holly. The people at Dune truly care about each other, and this helps us work together as a cohesive team functioning for the good of the company.

bw-smWorking at Dune is also so much fun! I’ve never had a job that I’ve loved this much and felt so passionate about. The atmosphere in the studio is always light hearted and fun. While working with interesting sands and beautiful jewelry, we’ll listen to 90’s pop music, or Elvis, or maybe David Bowie or Michael Jackson. In the studio, there are occasional singing and dance breaks to Taylor Swift that happen throughout the day. This happy atmosphere keeps everyone feeling energized and focused even when we have deadlines to meet and orders to fill. Being able to connect with my coworkers in such a positive way inspires me to work even harder to make Dune the best company it can be.

At Dune, the team feels more like a family than a group of coworkers, and it’s this environment that helps Dune Jewelry carry out its beautiful mission. Our highly skilled and educated team has been bringing the world beautiful beach sand jewelry for five years and we can’t wait to continue doing this for many more years to come.