Hey Miami, here comes Dune Jewelry!

I’ve been packing my bags all morning and getting the girls prepared because I’m heading to Miami today. This city is so vibrant, colorful and distinctively itself. A mix of American beach culture with heavy Cuban influences, everything from the food to the Architecture is truly unique and so different from New England. I’m looking forward to checking out Ocean Drive and seeing the brightly colored Art Deco buildings surrounded by palm trees, turquoise water and multi-colored, textural beach sand filled with shells of various colors (which of course makes beautiful jewelry). I’m excited for some spicy food and outdoor, ocean front dining too!

This will be a fun and productive trip for Dune Jewelry. Eric and I will be attending the unveiling of the Miami Dolphin’s Cheerleader’s calendar at Sun Stadium. This event is going to be amazing! Dune was featured in the calendar and we’ll be meeting the squad and bringing along some great Miami Beach Sand Jewels as special gifts for them. The next day I’ll be meeting with a group of wonderful Caribbean retailers who I’ve never met face-to-face and who have big plans for our little company. Then, luckily I’ll still have some time to meet Dune’s sales rep and customer service guru (and one of my best friends) for dinner and drinks before heading home.

Action packed and full of beachy fun!  Just how I like it.

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