Fashion’s looking fabulous this season and it’s time we all learn to accessorize with sandy colors and textures.  Sand is a pure gift from Mother Nature so why not say THANK YOU and start exploring.  From lakes to oceans to mountaintops, you can discover photos of over 2,000 beach sands from around the globe in our Sandbank™. Keep in mind that these sands will darken a few shades once hand crafted and incorporated into our jewelry.




This season’s color palette is rich and intense.  It ranges from green to gray to purple and I’ve even seen yellow in some of the trendier winter fashions.  My recommendation is to try one of our Sandollar Bracelets custom crafted with green beach sand from Papakolea, Hawaii.

Sand from Papakolea, Hawaii

The intense, jewel toned green will be highlighted by a bright metal so our silver Sandollar Bracelet is perfect to highlight this particular sand and brighten up your days as winter approaches.

Fashion is personality, right?  So mix and match – browse all of our designs and pair them with your favorite colors and textures in the Sandbank.  The results are endless.